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Jews United for Justice Scorecard

June 22, 2014News Clip

Tom Moore received the highest score of all District 3 candidates! Check out his responses here.

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District 3 Council race tightens up in final weeks

June 19, 2014News Clip

The District 3 Democratic primary is a tight race among four candidates who have campaigned on progressive platforms. Though all four candidates agree on the goals of renovating and constructing new schools and expanding mass transit, they do not agree on how to reach them.

Rockville City councilman Tom Moore believes he will be able to accomplish his goals while balancing the county’s budget.

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Democrats try to stand out from crowd in Montgomery County Council primaries

June 18, 2014News Clip

Moore, 46, a lawyer and former journalist, said his background in helping to run the county’s largest and most complex municipality gives him the edge. Closing the achievement gap in county schools requires widening economic opportunity, he said, by using transit to link neighborhoods with good jobs.

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For Montgomery's District 3, it's about new transit vs. more highways

June 11, 2014News Clip

Moore, who grew up in Montgomery County, cited his support for Rockville Town Center as evidence of his record on building near transit. If elected, he says he'll "push to concentrate Montgomery County's housing growth along our existing transit corridors" and along future transit corridors as well.

On BRT, Moore was unequivocal in his support for dedicating lanes to buses, saying "person-throughput, and not vehicle-throughput, is the key metric here; a lane converted to bus use is more efficient."

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The Race To Replace Phil Andrews In Montgomery County's District 3

June 7, 2014News Clip

With a win, Tom Moore will have a short trip to the county council building, which sits across the street from Rockville City Hall where he serves as a city councilman. Moore received the endorsement from The Washington Post in part because of his focus on affordable housing.

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